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Top WhatsApp Web Alternatives and Similar Apps



Top WhatsApp Web Alternatives

Before Top Alternatives lets explore WhatsApp web. WhatsApp Web is an online, advanced and reliable application for messaging that gives the facility to send and receive text messages, voice messages, videos and images using a browser. We all are familiar with WhatsApp application that is available for mobile devices and now Whatsapp introduces a web version for the same work.

It is very simple to use such as open WhatsApp web into any browse, then open WhatsApp on your phone, in the menu select WhatsApp Web and to capture the code appears on the screen using the mobile phone. After that, you can access all basic and pro features on your web browser efficiently with ease.

The tool allows you to make video and audio call easily that makes it more interesting. The core features of WhatsApp Web includes Location sharing, Group chat and call, Contacts sharing, Offline messages and many more. you can handle login and logout using your web browser and phone as well.


Top Whatsapp Web Alternatives and Similar Apps


Skype is the best platform to connect with your friends and family through video calling. You can reach your loved ones in seconds with skype. It is absolutely free to use and only requires a stable internet connection.

Also, it allows you to send unlimited text messages, share files, voice, and video calling over the internet. Besides, You can access the skype at the desktop as well as on Mobile application. It also allows having video conferencing and the best platform for professional/business use. Moreover, Skype is a user-friendly platform with exciting features to utilize. It is one of the top Whatsapp web alternatives and similar app.


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Imo Free Video Calls And Chat

Top WhatsApp Web Alternatives| Imo

Imo is one of the best communication platforms with a clean and simple interface. It supports Windows, IOS, and android. The tool is one of the free and best Whatsapp web alternatives.

The mobile version of Imo offers HD video and voice calling along with unlimited chat. Imo also allows you to have group conversations and calling which makes it more exciting and competitive among others. Moreover, it is free to use and you only have to register yourself on the app and you are all set to use it.



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Top WhatsApp Web Alternatives| iMessage

iMessage is an interesting way to send messages to IOS users. It offers many exciting features like sending photos, videos, live locations, stickers and much more. Users can send or receive messages on any Apple device. It is one of the finest WhatsApp web alternatives.

It is absolutely free to use, You just need a proper internet connection or data plan to continue using this service. There would be no limit to sending texts or sharing data with your friends and family. iMessage is a top Whatsapp web alternative for free and online calls and messages.



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Kik.WhatsApp Web Alternatives| KiK

Kik messenger is an instant messenger, available for both Android and IOS users. It offers exciting features including free text messages, images, videos, stickers, sketches and much more. You need to make a free account and start using the application with a stable internet connection.

It is the best way to stay connected with your friends and family. The best and exciting feature of Kik messenger is keeping the user’s identity anonymous, so it is safe and secure to use. Besides, you just need a valid phone number to register yourself and make an account in the messenger.


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Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is owned by Yahoo and is the best way to communicate with your friends and family. It is the fastest messenger and allows you to share images, videos, locations, and GIFs. Also, You don’t have to worry about Space because it offers unlimited storage to save and share the data.

Furthermore, it offers all the necessary features a messenger should have. It lets you send voice and video messages, transfer the important files in a single click. Besides, you can also add a number of peoples in a single chat and enjoy the group conversations.



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WhatsApp Web Alternatives| Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is an online instant messenger service provider. It lets you talk to other Nimbuzz users for free and also offers high quality for calls and messages. You won’t have to worry about call duration or number of texts you sent, you just need a stable internet connection to use Nimbuzz. Besides, It is the best way to connect with your friends and family.

Apart from that, it becomes more interesting and worth using with the video calling feature. You can keep your friends and family connect with you with a single application.



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Top WhatsApp Web Alternatives | Whatsapp

WhatsApp is an online and advanced social networking platform as well as an instant messenger that allows free SMS and calls. It is very simple to use and you can write a text or record voice message and send it to anywhere with just a single click. It is a mini version of Whatsapp web and also consider as the alternative of Whatsapp Web.


WhatsApp is a full-featured platform that provides the facility to make groups so you can talk to your multiple friends in a single chat efficiently. Also, it lets you share documents, videos, and images etc.


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Top WhatsApp Web Alternatives | LINE

The line is an online and advanced instant messenger that allows you to make online free calls and connect with your friends and family with just a single click. Line is a Whatsapp Web alternative and has many similar features.

The tool supports all mobile and desktop platforms to scale up your businesses using free messages and calls. It is a free app that helps you to send a message to anyone and anywhere in the world without paying.


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Top WhatsApp Web Alternatives| WeChat

WeChat is a revolutionary instant messaging platform that allows you to make a call online easily and efficiently. The tool helps you stay in touch with your family and friends. The tool has many built-in features similar to Whatsapp Web.

The core features of WeChat includes Instant Messenger, HD Voice and Video Calling, Search nearby, Username options and Many more. The tool is completely Safe and Free with many prominent pro features.



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