Splitgate: Tips and Tricks to Improve
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Splitgate: Tips and Tricks to Improve




With a solid 9 out of 10 points on Steam, Splitgate takes you back to when fast-paced first-person shooter games were much in vogue.

The game involves tactical gameplay and is high on the entertainment front. But it comes with a high barrier to entry and demands superior skills from new players.

It is 100% freely available, offers many unique challenges to tackle, features enjoyable action-packed gameplay, and also has cross-genre gaming concepts with seamless support across multiple platforms.


These tricks make Splitgate an interesting, fast-paced multiplayer game. However, if you want to take your game to the next level then buy the best Splitgate hacks.

Splitgate Tips to Get Better at the Game

Let’s discuss the key Splitgate tips and tricks to improve your game faster

#1 Use portals for traveling

A portal in Splitgate is the most efficient way to move large or small distances. It is the best traveling option in the game for exploring the map.

Using portals will let you cover ground swiftly, making it more difficult for your enemies to predict your movements.


Peeking through your portal will allow you to swiftly get a preview of what is to come. Attackers can still fire at you even when they can’t see you.

You can see right through your portals, but your opponents cannot. Therefore, your enemy may be oblivious to your presence on the other side of the portal. It is advisable to shoot through the portal instead of walking through it before starting combat.

If you are feeling adventurous and competitive, you should give triple portaling a shot. The only mandatory condition to ace this is to be well-versed in the map.

Triple portaling allows you to travel quickly to the opposite side of the map. In fact, no route is as fast as this one. As you become more advanced, you can even form a network of multiple triple portals.


#2 Exchange your weapons

When you are low on ammunition, the best thing to do is to swap your guns super-fast. Your best bet is to switch to your secondary weapon and aim for a good headshot as much as possible.

You can even use a combination of weapons to maximize both efficiency and damage to your opponents. So, you can keep firing at the same enemy and simultaneously switch between two firearms in quick succession.

For maximum impact, you can go for a combination of a carbine and an assault rifle. The carbine being incredibly powerful will help you instantly kill the opponent in three to four shots. Whereas the assault rifle helps you maintain continuity and sustain the impact.

Another high-impact pair of weapons is the Sniper rifle combined with a shotgun. The Sniper attack will affect more than 50% of your enemy’s life, and then the shotgun can be used to finally kill your already weakened opponent in a single shot.


#3 Capture the best weapons in advance

You and your team will be able to find some really powerful weapons spawned at different locations across the battlefield.

You will have initial access to a decent set of primary weapons to get off to a good start. But all of your enemies technically start with the same bunch of weapons. And having extra ammo will always give you a competitive edge.

So, immediately, you and your squad must coordinate your efforts. And build the most potent weaponry by picking them at random spawn points.

Also, you should try to get your hands on them before your opponents do. So, make sure to actively patrol the map with your team, as these weapons might appear anywhere and operate on a timer.


#4 Keep an eye out on the enemy portals

It is easy to ignore portals. But you may actually suffer a terrible attack if you miss your enemy portals due to oversight.

Always follow the best practice of carefully observing the portals, especially the ones that are pulsing. If your crosshair also becomes glowing red in color, it is a warning sign that tells you someone is standing inside it.

Do not let go of this opportunity to kill your opponent. And even if you do not shut the portal or manage to kill your enemies, a few well-placed gunshots across the bow can weaken the opposition.

#5 Do not forget to close your portals

You can quickly escape through your portal if you are in a battle and feel helpless or outmatched.


To prevent your attackers from tracking and following you, ensure that you seal the portal you leave behind. Keep your enemies at bay at all costs.

#6 Be alert and watch out for enemy footsteps

Distant threats can be detected early on if you hear footsteps approaching. This means your enemy is probably close by.

An excellent way to differentiate between the footsteps of your opponent and friends is to figure out which ones are louder. The hostile ones are much louder, and you could be in danger.

#7 Destroy your enemy portals

Splitgate grenades are not designed for first-person shooters to finish off enemies. You can only use these grenades to destroy their portals.


So, for starters, you get two EMP grenades, which you can use to sabotage your enemy portals. The opponents will have the chance to rebuild their portals. But it is a good way to distract them and get the upper hand on your enemies.


And there you have it! The 7 tips and tricks you should try right away to up your Splitgate game.

Hope these tips will help you improve your gameplay. The more you practice, the better you will become at Splitgate.

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