7 Upcoming TV Series on Netflix to Watch Out For
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7 Upcoming TV Series on Netflix to Watch Out For



Upcoming TV Series on Netflix

Are you in search of exciting new content to stream on Netflix? You’re in the right place as we bring you seven upcoming TV series to watch out for on the streaming giant. From thrilling sci-fi dramas to intriguing mysteries, these shows are sure to offer an engaging and diverse range of content for viewers to enjoy. With these upcoming series, Netflix remains to prove itself as the go-to destination for quality entertainment.

In this blog post, you’ll uncover the seven TV series that are soon to be released and can be watched on Netflix, and, hopefully, on other streaming sites like HBO, Hulu, and Dish TV. So, grab some popcorn, get comfortable, and be ready to dive into some truly fantastic TV series!

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas


Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is an exhilarating TV series that serves as a prequel to the blockbuster film Army of the Dead. The drama follows diverse groups of survivors as they fight armies of the undead and uncover dark secrets in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas invaded by zombies. Fans of the zombie genre will enjoy the thrilling and heart-pounding journey provided by Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas due to its amazing visuals, fast-paced action, and interesting storyline.

Turn of the Tide

Turn of the Tide depicts a captivating TV series that tells the thrilling and suspenseful story of a coastal town struggling with a mysterious and deadly threat. The show clearly blends together aspects of drama, mystery, and supernatural themes as tensions mount and secrets come to light. Viewers will undoubtedly be hooked and kept on the edge of their seats by the cast’s outstanding performances and the well-crafted plot.

The Nurse


The Nurse is a gripping TV series that delves into the world of healthcare with intense drama and nail-biting suspense. Set in a busy hospital, The series follows the life of a dedicated nurse who encounters difficulties both inside and outside of the emergency room. With a talented cast and compelling storylines, The Nurse provides a realistic and compelling portrayal of the demanding and emotionally charged world of healthcare professionals.

Viewers will be drawn into the high-stakes situations, complex relationships, and personal struggles of the characters, making The Nurse a must-watch for medical drama enthusiasts. The interesting story has already captivated many viewers, making many people hope that this series can also be shown on other streaming platforms, like Hulu and Sling TV.

The Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple is an enthralling TV series that portrays the experiences of Alex and Jessica, two individuals who appear flawless, as they navigate the complexities of love, relationships, and societal pressures. The series is set in a picturesque small town, where the characters deal with their inner demons, professional challenges, and the delicate balancing act of maintaining a facade of perfection while confronting their genuine emotions.


Black Knight

Black Knight is a TV series from South Korea that revolves around the life of a character named Moon Soo-ho. Soo-ho is a high-ranking official in a major corporation. The show follows his experiences as he navigates his personal and professional life, including his romantic relationship with Jung Hae-ra. However, their love story encounters several challenges, primarily a generational curse that has afflicted Hae-ra’s family for a long time.

The Three-Body Problem

The Three-Body Problem is a science fiction series originating from a renowned Chinese novel by Liu Cixin. It features an extraterrestrial civilization invading Earth as their home planet burns to destruction. The TV series is set to offer a grand journey into humanity’s connection with the cosmos. Its narrative delves into various topics, including the fundamental questions about reality and existence, the challenges of scientific exploration, and the progression of human civilization.


Just a friendly reminder – before watching this series, make sure that you have fast home internet so you can enjoy every fascinating scene per episode. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your experience with constant lags and buffers.

The Fall of the House of Usher

The Fall of the House of Usher is a TV series belonging to the Gothic horror genre that draws inspiration from the prominent literary work of Edgar Allan Poe. The story follows the remaining members of the Usher family, whose ancestral home has suffered from the curse that plagues their family, leading to its decay.

The show features their efforts to discover the secrets of the curse and the challenges they encounter as they are confronted with supernatural beings that pose a significant threat to their lives. With a dark and eerie atmosphere, the show explores themes of madness, isolation, and the inevitable descent into darkness.


Final Thoughts

Netflix never ceases to amaze its audiences with its remarkable lineup of TV series. These seven upcoming TV series are geared to grab the attention of viewers worldwide, highlighting Netflix’s position as a leading provider of streaming entertainment. With compelling storylines, talented casts, and stunning visuals, these shows promise to offer a thrilling and immersive viewing experience. So, be prepared to engage yourself in these new worlds and enjoy the binge-watching experience.

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