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Best Beginner Builds in Brotato



Beginner brotato builds

Who would’ve thought that a game with vicious and gunslinging potatoes could be such a hit in the video game market? Well, we’re all for it since it is so refreshing and innovative!

And as you know roguelike is not exactly the easiest genre to explore if you’re new. It can be rather punishing because the game thrives on making the right decisions and how you build your character—or in this case, a potato.

Therefore, a question that will always be burning in a beginner’s mind is how should I build my potato for an optimised gameplay experience. Honestly, there isn’t a surefire answer for this but we’ll try our best as we explore some of the best beginner brotato builds you can better your runs with!


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Now that we’re clear on that, let’s get into the nitty-gritty!

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The Ranger Build

The Ranger Build

In this type of pseudo-shooter-styled game, sometimes it is better to attack from a distance rather than risk your potato life in melee combat.

Still, this does not mean you can ignore the enemies’ attacks altogether as you will still need to keep moving around, dodging projectiles. In other words, you’ll be playing an evasive game and luckily, ranged attacks are pretty strong in this game so you won’t be lacking in power.

The best weapons to pick up for this build are ranged weapons that can deal good AOE damage. That way, you can nuke down a large number of enemies with a single shot. It is efficient and safe at the same time.


The Tanker Build

The Tanker Build

Dying is rough, so let’s try to build our cute potato into something that is heavy and tanky, capable of absorbing great amounts of damage.

This is generally the safer approach because with more HP you’ll have a lot more leeway in making errors—trust us, as a beginner, you will be making them more often than not. So, to offset this, you can try building into a more tanky approach by constantly boosting your potato’s health. It might come at the cost of damage output but for your first few runs, going with the beefy option might not be a bad idea.

Once you’ve got a feel for the game, you can then move on from this build and proceed with building into a more damage-oriented potato.

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The Magic Build

The Magic Build

Who knew that potatoes could cast spells? In this game you can and trust us, it is super powerful and what’s more, it is also beginner friendly.

Also, what we meant by the ‘Mage’ build is choosing the options that are elemental-driven. Usually, these attacks deal humongous damage and your potato can execute them with relative ease. Hence, if you are an offensive kind of player, this is a strong contender for you.


However, you need to be wary, building towards this will lead to your potato being rather squishy. So, you will need to be mindful of this and try not to be too gung-ho in taking damage.

The Engineer Build

The Engineer build | best brotato Builds

If you like to rely on tools, and external weapons to do your bidding then perhaps the engineer build is your calling. It’s actually pretty fun because this build’s gameplay is you setting up machinery around you as they destroy the enemies for you.

Remember, the power level of your machines is determined by your engineering stats. So, if you’ve decided to walk down the engineering path, make sure to prioritise upping it. Also, engineer Brotato builds tend to go the distance. They can get really powerful later in the game and are generally a really safe option for beginners who want a foolproof solution to their late game.

The Ghost Build

The Ghost Build

The Ghost Path is a little more tricky and somewhat riskier than the rest of the Brotato builds on the list. Still, if utilised, you’ll do well even if you are a novice at the game.

The two cores of your build are Dodge Rate and Ethereal weapons. These two will be your centre and emphasising these will make you automatically avoid lots of attacks and projectiles. And if it strikes your fancy, investing some points into your HP stat is also pretty good so that if RNG doesn’t shine on you, you’ll still have some form of backup.

Similar to the Engineer Build, the Ghost build excels during the late game. Although we must admit, it is on the weaker side early on but with some investment, it can certainly carry you. We suggest trying out the other builds on the list first and then once you are able to progress deeper, then give this build a try.


Wrapping Things Up

Currently, Brotato is still relatively new and there are still many players messing around with builds, theory-crafting and optimising their gameplay. As such, you can expect even more unique builds to surface in the future. Still, if you are new to roguelikes, we recommend sticking with the builds above so that you can learn the game easier and have a better time for your first few runs.

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