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It can be easily found grahm in fallout 76 using his route location like Overseer’s C.A.M.P. near the river to the (South-East of Vault 76)



fallout 76 grahm location

Fallout 76 is one of the prominent action games in the gaming era. The fun feature of the fallout 76 is that you can easily trade with the other players of the game and NACPs. Grahm one of the popular mutant which is liked by the community because of NPCs. Let’s discover how to find Grahm in fallout 76 and its route as well.


Besides the bad review and reception about this game, this is a reality that a lot of people around the world play this action game Fallout 76. Bethesda receiving the queries from the die-hard fallout fans and fixing. Apart from this discussion, it is not that bad. Fallout 76 not offering much now but it is fun to play this game. If Bethesda works hard to modify fallout 76 for their fans then this game might be the big hit and best fallouts ever.

Fallout 76 PC Patch

You can easily establish mutual benefits with other fellow survivors with the help of trading in the wasteland. If you are a game freak and play this game for hours and hours then you might have met GRAHM who is a friendly super mutant. Grahm is a favorite for the community of Fallout 76 but it takes too much time to find him and route as well. But there are hacks to find him and his route quickly, we will discuss hacks in the next post.



The look of Grahm and Map Route for those who do not know:

FInd Fallout 76 Grahm & his Route

It is a simple and easy trick to find the fallout 76 grahm location. When he speaks after the end of the song then make him say something about the location. The phrase “BIG SODA BOTTLE IN DISTANCE” means that he is near to the (Nuka cola factory). These tricks give us the ability to find his general location immediately so we can lead to Grahm.

Where Can Grahm be Found?

  • Overseer’s C.A.M.P. – You can find him near the river to the (South-East of Vault 76)
  • New Gad – Under the lake of Summersville.  (87 due South of Summersville)
  • Flatwoods – (Between Route 59 and Route 86)
  • Pumpkin House – Region The Mire, which is in the East. Right next to Vault 94 (Route 66 and Route 98).
  • Point Pleasant – Find Mothman Museum then reach the first bridge (Route 88)
  • Fissure Site –  At the old power station. (Savage Divide region)
  • Grafton Steel Yard – You have to hit Grafton Dam in the South (Route 61, beside the Pioneer Scout Outlook tower)

Is there an easier way to find Grahm?

Grahm is a sneaky little bugger and can be hard to find if you don’t know where to look. He likes to hide in the shadows and grahm will only come out when grahm wants to. grahm is usually found near power sources or graham’s favorite places. graham also leaves a trail of clues that can help you find fallout 76 grahm location if you are lucky enough to find them.

If you are looking for graham, the best place to start is by checking graham’s favorite places. These are usually places with a lot of people or places that have a lot of activity. Once you have found one of these places, keep an eye out for clues that graham may have left behind. These could be things like graham’s footprints or graham’s favorite food.

If you are still having trouble finding graham, try checking near power sources. grahm likes to stay near places where there is a lot of energy. This could be places like generators or power plants. Once you have found a place with a lot of energy, keep an eye out for graham’s clues.


Finally, if you are still having trouble finding the fallout 76 grahm location, try asking people in the area if they have seen graham. graham is a friendly creature and may have left behind some information that can help you find him.

Hope you find these locations helpful to find the fallout 76 Grahm and his route.

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