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Nintendo Switch Firmwares Updates | YUZU & Ryujinx



Latest Nintendo Switch Firmwares YUZU & Ryujinx

Check the latest switch firmwares and download the Nintendo switch firmware ryujinx and nintendo switch firmware yuzu. This switch firmware holds all the versions including 14.0.0, 14.0.1, 15.0.0, 15.0.1 and latest updates as well.

Nintendo Switch Firmware Update | Yuzu & Ryujinx

VersionMD5 HashFile SizeMEGA
Firmware 15.0.1 322MBDownload
Firmware 15.0.0 a7023429f85fdd3a40b4661188f5b65a 322MBDownload
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 3) 36808cdb78b5986d02817e6667dfe15b 320MBDownload
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update 2) 50f2564ce85a0818942c5fc1db20a89c 320MBDownload
Firmware 14.1.2 (Rebootless Update) f21375202bc25d55733a41d7a2d8978c 320MBDownload
Firmware 14.1.2 522d3c4caf11d9874dbd830907f1f36a 320MBDownload
Firmware 14.1.1 4e864e134318aa80ac06e7a676eb96d8 320MBDownload
Firmware 14.1.0 778b4e7854afa1a0baa98c44988e68ac 320MBDownload
Firmware 14.0.0 816010565838f30b047d0059efa8c3ea 320MBDownload
Firmware 13.2.1 881379299c1c9cd2a4b7a90c18c9ea82 320MBDownload

You can get right firmware and keys on and if you are struggling to download prod.keys or switch firmwaer let us know in comments.

Download Prod Keys For Yuzu & Ryujinx



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