Play New York Times Sudoku Puzzle - (Medium & Hard Levels)
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Play New York Times Sudoku Puzzle Game – (Medium & Hard Levels)



Play New York Times Sudoku Puzzle

Looking for a challenging Sudoku puzzle? Play the New York Times Sudoku game! This popular logic puzzle will keep you entertained for hours. Sharpen your mind and solve the puzzles with ease. There are four difficulty levels to choose from, so you can start with an easy puzzle and work your way up. The New York Times Sudoku game is the perfect way to pass the time and flex your brain muscles. Give it a try today!

How to Play New York Times Sudoku?

New york times sudoku is a very popular puzzle game that is played by people of all ages. The aim of the game is to fill in all the blank cells in the 9×9 grid with numbers from 1 to 9 so that each column, each row and each 3×3 box contains all the digits from 1 to 9.

The game can be played online or offline. To play the game offline, you will need a pencil and paper. To play the game online, you will need to have an account with an online sudoku website.


Once you have registered with an online sudoku website, you will be given a list of sudoku puzzles to play. Select the puzzle you want to play and click on the ‘Play’ button.

You will be taken to a new page where you will see the sudoku grid. Use your mouse to click on a blank cell and enter a digit from 1 to 9.

Play Now

If you make a mistake, you can click on the ‘Undo’ button to undo your last move.

If you want to take a break from playing sudoku, you can click on the ‘Pause’ button. To resume playing, just click on the ‘Resume’ button.


When you have filled in all the blank cells, you can click on the ‘Check’ button to check your answers. If you have filled in all the cells correctly, you will see a message saying ‘! You have completed the puzzle.’

Play New York Times Sudoku medium

New York Times Sudoku Puzzle Features:

PENCIL: If you’re unsure about an answer, mark it as tentative by clicking “Pencil.” This inserts numbers in light blue. Click again to return the standard color. To remove all light numbers, shift-delete; to make them dark, shift-insert.

Check: To monitor your progress, click “Check.” Boxes that contain incorrect answers will be highlighted in pink. After checking, hit the delete key to remove all incorrect responses at once.

  • Thousands of puzzles
  • Four difficulty levels
  • Hints and tips
  • Track your progress
  • Stats and leaderboards


Sudoku Puzzle GamePlay:

You can either type a number directly into one of the squares or drag it in from the right side.


To select multiple numbers for a box, enter the numbers in a small type. On a PC, hold down the Alt key while typing the numbers. On a Mac, use the Control key instead. To clear your selection and start over, repeat these steps.

  • Use the mouse or arrow keys to select a number.
  • Click the “pencil” button to enter numbers as notes.
  • Click the “check” button to check your answers.
  • Click the “solve” button to get a hint.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Start with easy puzzles and work your way up.
  • Use the pencil mode to enter numbers as notes.
  • Check your answers often.
  • Use the solve button for a hint if you get stuck.

To obtain the solution, click “Reveal.”

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