50 Free Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers
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50 Free Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers



Top Ways to Promote Twitter account

One of the powerful tools for businesses is Twitter when used correctly. Twitter can help you generate leads, solidify your branding, and build connections with your prospects, friends and the people around you. The only thing is that which is trouble is, if you have no followers, you can’t experience all these benefits and its values.Twitter Followers help you to build your profile at peak.

There should be in the mind that having an active following on Twitter isn’t just about prestige, and followers aren’t just numbers. The followers on the Twitter get and hold the real value for businesses, In fact, 36% of marketers say they have gained a customer by using Twitter accounts. More followers build more business.


This article will tell and examine many ways you can increase your Twitter followers, and then you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits of Twitter.

These all strategies below fit into one of the following Four(4) categories:

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  • Tweeting content that’s so enticing and/or informative that it’s likely to be retweeted


  • Following others so they’ll follow you back

Tweeting Way:

  • Tweeting content in a way that it actually gets seen


  • Promoting your Twitter account effectively and effectively

There is also an option to boosts posts like other social media sites, Twitter has a great paid ads option which is very effective for acquiring followers, But we will only consider free options in this article(since the paid one is pretty obvious).



  1. Follow more and more people. Research shows a correlation between the number of people followed and the number of followers who follow back.

  2. Must use a tool like HootSuite  or SproutSocial to schedule your tweets and posts. The important thing is Posting regularly will increase your engagement and visibility, thereby increasing your follower count.

  3. Must use Twiends to find new Twitter users you can connect with so that u can find and follow easily. Once you’re listed on the platform, other users with similar interests will also be able to find and follow you back.

  4. Must optimize your Twitter bio. Users who want to find out more about you will inevitably visit your Twitter bio. Just make sure it’s professional, complete and that it does a great job of representing you and your business to be channelized.

  5. Must Use links in your tweets and posts. Tweets with links get more retweets than those without.

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