Stereomood Reviews, Features and Pricing

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Stereomood Reviews, Features and Pricing

Are you feeling bored? Happy? Sad? or Tired? Just say it to stereo mood and enjoy the playlist of assigned pitful tunes. Stereomood allows you to make a library and label the tunes you think would fit with a certain state of mind.

Stereomood is a music streaming platform that is quite different than others available. You can customize your playlist, discover new music in great quality. Also, you can link your Stereomood account with your Facebook account or you can register yourself only on this online streaming site. If you link with Facebook, you get to share your favorite songs with your friends by posting about it. Besides, if you like any songs then press the heart and ban the song if you don’t like the song.

It is a great platform to listen to songs according to your mood and activities you do.

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