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FreeNAS Alternatives | Review, Features and Pricing



freenas alternative


FreeNas is an operating system that can be installed on virtually any hardware platform to share data over a network. It is the simplest way to create a centralized and easily accessible place for your data. FreeNAS has a web interface, file sharing, snapshots and replication as shown in the review. It has many alternatives for storage and data sharing. It is compatible with the mobile and desktop platform and you can do small business with FreeNas data-sharing network.

freenas alternatives

Best FreeNas Alternatives

NAS4Free is the name of a free network-attached storage system. It is the best way to create a centralized system and quickly access all connected servers for all kinds of data with all types of network protocols from any network. Nas4Free support system is the best that is a big advantage of it. It provides good customer support as well, given in the review.

TrueNAS is the provider of open source and flexible for file storage and block storage. It is networking management solutions for almost all types of common operating systems. It gives true protection, good flexibility, true performance and true freedom. TrueNas has a great system and customer support as in review box. It is consider as a best freenas alternatives because of similarities.

ZFSguru is the best choice if we have to handle a large amount of data and files. It is a multifunctional server appliance whose main focus is on the management system. We can use it without any hurdles and restrictions. It is a great application to manage data and requires no installation. ZFSguru offers a great customer and system support as given in the review table.


FlexRAID is used to merge all files in one single place as shown in the review box. It is a solution for home and commercial networking system for unifying and organizing data of the system. FlexRAID keeps our data safe and secure. It has many features like it has independent hard drives of various sizes and performs several functions. FlexRAID had many prominent features such as, storage polling that allow you to combine different HDDs of multiple dimensions into one unit of storage to generate cloud storage.

UnRAID is a NAS management system that contains multiple data sharing, data backup and other features. It is one of the best-operating systems that is used by some of the biggest names. It keeps our data safe. It uses more than one drive in the reading and writing of data. It is still susceptible to failure and catastrophic. UnRAID is a best Nas management system that allows provides storage for network-attachment, the host system and application server.

SnapRAID is a backup manager tool that stores the partial information of any data. It is mainly targeting a home media centre with a lot of big files that hardly change. We can start with already filled disks to make own backup manager. SnapRAID has many other features like all our data is hashed to ensure data integrity and to avoid silent corporation.

Amahi is a powerful, simple home server. It is an online tool to share files that runs on a dedicated PC as a central computer for your home.It handles our storage, entertainment and computing needs. We can store our music videos, TV shows, share files online and many more. We can share all these things with anyone over the globe.


Windows Home Server is the home server as the name depicts. It is the best way to interconnect the PC in-home system environment. It is a very easygoing system. It gets started in minutes, easily counter our ideas and provides health monitoring support. We can share our data through printer also. Windows Home Server has an expandable storage system that allows users to get a unified single and instant expand-storage space facility.

BarracudaDrive is the most reliable tool to handle data. We can create our own storage system to share large files with others. It has a big capacity to keep files and allows us to design our environment. We can use it for personal purposes. It has recovery plans for our data and provides complete dependability.


freenasYou can check the best storage and data sharing systems by clicking on the Bold Name of tool. Choose the best storage system for your needs and desire. Give your review about the freenas and it’s alternatives.


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  • It offers a third party plugin system.
  • File Sharing
  • Snapshots and Replication
  • Nas data-sharing network
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