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The preview of upcoming browser of the Microsoft named ‘Microsoft Spartan Web Browser’ has released. According to Microsoft once you will download spartan browser there is no need to use Internet explorer anymore. Technical preview build 10049 allows you to download the browser in window 10. The purpose behind the creation of this browser is to regain the reputation of Microsoft IE and gives the track to its users like other famous browsers Mozilla and Chrome.

The look of Browser is ordinary and Microsoft did not pay much attention to the look of browser itself but the designs of web pages are excellent. Once you will download the spartan browser you will find compatibility with both the desktop, mobiles and fully responsive. Core idea of the new browser is to introduce and compete the modern browsers that has lost due to IE’s old functionality.

The core features of Microsoft’s Spartan Browser includes Integration of Cortana, Social Media Built-in Features, Reader Mode, Fully Functional, UX based System and many more. This web engine can handle all kind of websites and softwares to build up the user experience.

spartan browser guide


  • In task bar, open search box and type ‘Window Update’ or from Control Center open Windows Update.

spartan browser | windows update

  1. If the Windows Updates are not already selected then from left pane Click on Windows Updates.
  2. Click check for updates if no update is ready.
  3. Download the Spartan Browser by clicking on available download button then install the new build.


  • It is completely free web browser by Microsoft
  • For XBOX consoles, multiple versions are available.
  • Compatible for windows operating systems (x32, 64 bit, 86)

To download and safe installation of Spartan Browser go for new full version for Windows 10 form the official site.

Give your valuable feedback on the Spartan Browser and what you think about this new release from Microsoft?

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