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JProfiler JProfiler is an online tool and advanced Java-profiler that can easily solve the threading related issues like bottlenecks performance as well as memory leaks with efficiency. It supports multiple probes that give the higher-level data having JRE’s sub-system. The tool has also Java EE sub-systems that provide higher and confidential information related to files, RMI, and sockets.

JProfiler has the ability to track memory leaks with the help of an intuitive interface. It allows you to track important insights into objects and solve the entire complex issues with ease. The tool has extensive Q&A abilities and common line operations suitable for QA team and development purposes.

The tool consists of many top features such as DB profiling for JPA, support the enterprise’s edition of JAVA, broadest services for ideas and applications, Integration of thread profiler, and much more. JProfiler handles profiling on multiple desktop platforms like Linux, macOS.

It offers many other additional features of Live profiling, comparison of Snapshots, track and view HPROF snapshot, ability to create custom probes easily and efficiently. JProfiler tool has multiple system requirements before use and has a limited free version as well as license key activation for users.

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