Google Keep Review, Features and Pricing | Notes app

Posted by - April 25, 2020

Google keep is a revolutionary notes app that can collaborate, capture, edit and share your important notes easily and efficiently on any device. Organize notes using colors and labels and you can add lists, audio to keep and photos as well. It works on a simple policy “Set and Forget”. The tool handles reminders about

Goodnotes App

Chrysanth diary Review, Features and Pricing | Goodnotes App

Posted by - April 23, 2020

Chrysanth diary Review, Features, and Pricing | Goodnotes App Chrysanth Diary is an online and advanced software for journal keeping of good notes. Our personal diary and photos will be kept organized in a single diary database. If we feel lonely, we may easily share our feelings and thoughts with other goodnotes diary lovers via

Best Note Taking app for Ipad

ToDoList Review and Pricing | Best Note Taking App for Ipad

Posted by - April 23, 2020

ToDoList Review and Pricing | Best Note Taking App for Ipad ToDoList is an online best note taking app that allows you to create, collaborate, and organize all our work in one place from actionable meetings to inspiring project plans. It is compatible with desktop & mobile platforms and best note taking app for iPad, android,

Best Notes App

WizNote Review, Features and Pricing | Best Notes App

Posted by - April 22, 2020

WizNote is a cloud base and best notes taking app for everyone. It has several template features that we can modify easily and efficiently. We can collect, write, import, and share notes with this notes app. It is a note software that is especially for desktop internet users and mobile internet users. WizNote has many

Microsoft OneNote Online

Microsoft OneNote Online Review, Features and Pricing

Posted by - April 22, 2020

Microsoft OneNote is an online and advanced note-taking application. It has a clean interface and designed to allow users to create, sync, store ideas, and notes efficiently. With OneNote, teachers can manage online lesson plans in searchable digital notebooks. We can share notebooks with our friends, colleagues using Microsoft OneNote Online. The tool offers to

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Laverna Review, Features and Pricing | Note-Taking App

Posted by - April 22, 2020

Laverna is a revolutionary note-taking app focused on privacy. Laverna has a simple and robust markdown editor which can help us write faster than ever before. This editor can be switched to a distraction-free mode where we can focus solely on writing notes. Laverna is a very easygoing note-taking app with lots of advantages. It

Notepad App

Notezilla Reviews, Features and Pricing | Notepad App

Posted by - April 22, 2020

Notezilla is both a handy and professional sticky notepad app to keep us well organized. It was known as quick notes plus previously. It can move away from boring looks and limited colors with the facility to paint beautiful paper-like skins and textures. Notezilla can send sticky notes and considered as the top notepad app


SimpleNote Reviews, Features and Pricing

Posted by - April 22, 2020

SimpleNote is an online and advanced note-taking app with markdown support. It has a simple, light and clean interface and free as well. We can use it everywhere because it is very organized tool. Our notes are backed up when we change them. We can write, preview, and publish our notes in markdown support. No

myDiary online diary

myDiary Review, Features and Pricing | Online Diary

Posted by - April 21, 2020

myDiary is an online diary and the most leading personal diary.  It is a journal based on private writing. We can secure our diary with code lock security and we can apply custom colors. We can synchronize our devices and keeps clouds storing. It is very easy to use and quick thoughts can be captured

Best Note Taking App

RedNotebook Reviews, Features and Pricing | Best Note Taking App

Posted by - April 21, 2020

The RedNotebook is an online and revolutionary best note taking app with multiple abilities. It is one of the fascinating graphical diary and journal helping us to keep track of notes and thoughts. It has many features like calendar navigation, word clouds and export functionality. This is the best note taking app that keeps our