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Ball Tampering: Brief Introduction, Laws, Purpose, Authority, Allegation

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The Ball tempering is unusual action with Cricket ball or alters the condition of the ball. These conditions are usually taken to include scuffing with the fingernail or any other artificial sharp object, rubbing the ball with the ground or tampering with the seam of the ball. All these conditions are considered as Ball Tampering.


According to Law:

According to the laws of Cricket, under law 41, Subsection 3, these actions are usually taken legal in which ball may be polished but without any artificial substance and may be dried with the towel if it is wet and may be removed mud form it under the supervision of the umpire. These are legal conditions for the ball.


The purpose of Ball tempering is to alter the position and state of the ball is to achieve favorable bowling. Ball tempering would include fielders who applying some kind of substance such as sweetened saliva or lip balm, to shine the ball from one side or pick the seam of the ball to encourage more and more swing. By roughening one side of the ball by using any abrasive or cutting surface is known Ball Tampering.

Ball Tampering Legally:

Ball Tempering

As seen in the most cricket matches, it is common for every bowler to rub the ball against their trousers or clothing to polish the ball or to dry it. Another legal alter is to moisture gained from the sweat or spit when combined with polishing to smooth out one half of the ball which in turns allow the air to pass over the one side of the ball more quickly.


The responsibility for monitoring the condition of the ball on the umpires, and they must inspect it regularly with responsibility. If an umpire has found a fielder to be guilty of ball-tampering, five penalty runs are awarded to the batting side and also the ball must be replaced at once which chosen by the umpires, also the choice of the ball depending upon the condition of the previous ball before tampering should closely as possible sometimes the batsmen may instead be permitted to choose the ball.

If any bowler is found to be guilty of ball tampering for multiple times, he can be prohibited from continuing to bowl in that innings with more punishments. Because ball tempering is considered as a serious offense in cricket. The captain of the team may also be penalized if he responsible for that offense.

Allegations in the Past:

By using the foreign substances to polish the ball which is illegal but in some corners considered to be relatively common and passes without incident or punishment. Those Substances which have been used for the purpose of ball tampering includes sugar, hair gel, lip balm and seam the ball which is difficult to prove are illegals.

However, a number of High-profile players have been instances of alleged “Ball Tampering” especially in International Cricket because of the increase in media coverage.


·         Michael Atherton In 1994

·         Waqar Younis in 2000

·         Sachin Tendulkar in 2001

·         Rahul Dravid in 2004

·         England cricket team in 2005

·         Pakistan cricket team in 2006

·         James Anderson and Stuart Broad in 2010

·         Shahid Afridi in 2010

·         Australia vs Sri Lanka in 2012

·         Faf du Plessis in 2013

·         South Africa vs Sri Lanka in 2014

·         South Africa vs Australia in 2016

·         Australia vs South Africa in 2018

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