Nowadays, one thing comes in our mind while posting on social media or websites that how can we change the font with no extra effort? Which one is the fast and reliable Fancy Text Font Generator that can generate multiple types of text with a simple copy and paste?

There are a bunch of tools that can solve your problem to create fancy and cool text fonts with simple typing in the text box. You can even copy the added text fonts on the clipboard and paste where do you want to paste.

You can paste copied fonts on social media including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and all other platforms. This tool working as a Fancy and Cool text fonts generator for free. One of the core features of this Fancy Text Font Generator is to paste your text on websites having Blogger or WordPress framework.

Text Symbols or Text Fonts?

The Unicode’s first 128 symbols known as ASCII Characters or code and these are basic characters that play an important role in the real world. But there are many other characters similar to English text but not English words they called Latin alphabets and generate a difference in ASCII text.

‘Font’ is actually the graphic term that is relevant to the glyphs Unicodes. When we copy the font and paste they are symbols in real which is present in every font.

Fancy Text Font Generator Styles

  • Strikethrough
  • Slashthrough
  • Underline
  • Lightning
  • Faces
  • Upside-down
  • Small Caps
  • Tiny Text (Superscript / Subscript)
  • Mini-me / Stacked Text
  • Bubble Text
  • Square Text
  • Diamonds
  • Bold / Italic
  • Cursive Script
  • Double-struck (Outline)
  • Fraktur / Gothic / Old English
  • Monospace
  • Classified
  • Do Not Enter
  • Full Width / Vaporwave
  • Clapback
  • Hearts
  • Air Quotes
  • Line Break Tool
  • Unstyle


The font style on this tool completely works fine on social media platforms but there are some of the styles that don’t look good on Instagram and other social media because some fonts consider as restricted by Instagram and they are filtering some fonts creates by font generators. The fonts that contain an excessive amount of symbols and letters can affect the Unicode pattern.

On the other hand, we hope you find useful fonts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. You can simply click on “Load More Fonts” and get the lists of cool and fancy fonts without any cost and extra effort. If you think that we help you in some way then please share your thoughts and if you want some specific font we can provide you for free.