HantaVirus in China

Deaths Due to HantaVirus in China | New Chapter Started after COVID

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The whole world trying to find the proper cure for the coronavirus pandemic which is going to be more and more deadly with the passage of time. Total count of infected people globally is nearly 400,000 and toll of global death crossed the mark of 17,000.
On the other hand, Global Times claims that a person died due to Hantavirus in Yunnan Province (China).
The infected person was travelling in the bus and after that, all other passengers have been tested.

The first case of Hantavirus spotted in china and there is a possibility of more deaths in recent time.

What is HantaVirus?
The Disease Control Center says that HantaVirus spread with the help of rodents and these rodents are the main source of creating and spreading the virus in people. Hanta VirusAny type of infection due to hantavirus can cause disease of Hantavirus.
Hantavirus knew as “New World” hantavirus in America and known as “Old World” hantavirus mostly in Asia and Europe.
Hantavirus may cause HPS (Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome) and HFRS as well which means Hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome.

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