CoronaVirus in Italy

Italian Doctors share pictures form ICU | Coronavirus in Italy

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Coronavirus in Italy seems like the most affected country in current situation. By fighting with coronavirus on frontline all the doctors, nurses, and paramedic staff receiving special praise from all over the world including Pakistan.

The doctors from Italy share pictures form ICU with marks on their faces. People from all over the globe become their fans and encourage them to fight against COVID-19.

The Doctors, Nurses, and paramedic staff are busy in the treatment of coronavirus suspects, they share their pictures on social media while treating their patients.

Because of safety kits and masks, doctors and nurses found deep marks and wound on their faces that show loyalty with the profession.

Pictures of Chinese Doctors

Coronavirus in Italy:

The people from all over the globe calling them “Heroes” after watching their pictures on social media. Remember that, due to coronavirus in Italy the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths is increasing day by day. The toll of deaths reached 8,000 because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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