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Your 5 Minutes Winter Makeup Routine- Makeup Essentials

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Winters is a beautiful season. Everything covers in the snow make it even more adorable. In winters, wearing classy sweaters or long coats with boots and everyday winter makeup routine look is another kind of joy.

Besides, your skin demands extra care, your hair needs shampoo more often, your hands and feet also demand moisturizer day and night, and with busy school/work schedule, you hardly manage to put some makeup which you feel doesn’t give you the expected spark.


we know exactly how you feel every morning when you have to skip breakfast because getting ready is your priority. But here we believe, even though you are doing makeup for a while now, you still not sure of the tips and tricks of it. It would be best if you did some changes in your everyday makeup routine because that’s how you feel the change.

No worries! Here we come with the ‘5 minutes makeup routine’ that you can follow and manage your other things accordingly. We are saying to change your products, neither expecting you to buy some more. We are just sharing a routine that you can adopt to get better results.

So, let’s do it.

  • Prep your Skin

First of all, before applying any makeup on your skin, wash your face and then apply a moisturizer.

Prep Your Skin for winter makeup

You know preparing your skin for makeup is pretty much necessary. That’s how the skin will get an idea that you are going to put some makeup which it has to absorb. Oh yea, it will give you a natural look even after lots of makeup. So, add this habit to your everyday makeup routine and see the change. Also, it would hardly take a few seconds.

  • Primer and foundation

Without wasting time, apply primer to make your skin soft for foundation or any base you want to apply. Primer or any serum that works the same will give your face shine naturally and make your skin ready for the foundation. After priming, put the foundation and blend it carefully.

everyday winter makeup routine

Usually, in winters, our skin gets dry, and when we apply foundation or bb cream, it stays on our skin which gives us a cakey look. But primer will help you with that. So, your everyday winter makeup look is going to be breathtaking.

  • Add some spark

Your makeup is almost done. Yes, take a brush and put on some blush and highlighter if you want. You can use the same blush as an eyeshade to add some colours to your eyes.

Daily Winter Makeup Routine

Skip eyeliner, as it doesn’t look fine in a daily makeup routine. However, treat your eyes with long lashes by using good mascara.

  • Apply lipstick and boom!

Finally, our 5 minutes makeup routine is at its last step. It should be a thoughtful decision because lipstick is responsible for giving you an overall look. It can set the mood and could be the cherry on the pie if selects carefully.

Apply a Matte Nude lipstick that goes with your overall look and doesn’t give you a very modern vibe.

Besides, if you don’t get a vibe for heavy makeup, you can apply the base, put on mascara, lipstick, and boom! You are ready with your winter makeup. Easy peasy.


Everyday Winter Makeup Routine

Bottom line

You know you look beautiful with or without makeup. Makeup doesn’t change you, but add extra spark in your personality. Give yourself extra time on events, occasions, and when you get time. But follow this easy makeup routine for your everyday makeup and save yourself from the unnecessary hassle in winter.


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